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We offer a wide range of leisure items, gadgets and accessories for life outside the home or at work; they are innovative products, offered at really advantageous prices.
Do not look for the performance at all costs, but above all the chance to play sports and keep fit on an efficient and comfortable bike. The bikes in the leisure time range are designed with this philosophy. See the custom seat covers, use them when it rains so as not to get wet

These are gadgets that are all extremely simple to customize. We use the best weaving technique. Prices are unbeatable thanks to our policy of saving you more purchases. The logos are then included in the basic price!


100% Cotton Twill 180 gsm

Minimun 500 pieces

Our prices

Dish Cloth

100% cotton twill 180 gsm sublimation printed

Minimun 500 pieces

Our prices


Sublimation print

Minimun 100 pieces
from 100 pcs

Our prices


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